Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For those of you who watch HGTV

There is a show on there called Income Property, and up until now it hasn't been shot in the US. I received an email this morning from one of my military groups (I can't remember which one) and they are looking for military families who own houses in San Antonio!! Erie, Pennsylvania; Virgina or Maryland. I was mainly excited about them actually being in Texas granted that isn't where we are, not that we own a house, but I thought it was pretty awesome. Granted there aren't any Marine Corps bases either other than Corpus (I think).

But anyways, I have started my transfer process for going to the Dallas campus. I must say that I am super excited to get over there and I'm praying that most if not all will transfer. I also found out that the Dallas campus is accredited by the same association that UNT is accredited by. For those of you who don't know one of my first choices was is that I wanted to go to UNT, and then go to the art institute.

I don't think I have posted anything about my other blog on here yet. is the link.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Early morning today

When Chris got up for work this morning around 4:50 I couldn't sleep. I debated on trying to sleep but then decided I was going to turn on the Tv and slowly start my day.
Busa, my wonderful dachshund puppy is still down in the dumps. He misses playing with Jixer and Walle back home in Texas. Today he seems to be in better spirits so I hope he is feeling better.
I'm going to make another blog, and I'm debating on whether I will be keeping this one or not. My new one is going to be about being a graphic design student, so I wont just be talking about random stuff. I just have to figure out what I'm going to name it cuz I really like my Teacups and Trinkets. My new blog I will be posting what I am working on, so then I can get some feedback which I think will be helpful for me. Also, that way y'all can see what I'm doing. Granted that this quarter I am taking transitional English, psychology, grid systems and digital illustration, so it's not like I'm doing a lot of art this quarter but that also gives me some time (hopefully) to focus on my bookbinding stuff that I learned last quarter so I'll post that too on the new one. Yesterday the wall heater went out so when I woke up it was about 55 degrees in our apartment. Yeah, I wasn't too happy about it. I definitely don't like being cold and neither does my skin. Which by the way is slowly healing. The spot on my left hand is taking a little bit longer than the rest of my body, but it will go away eventually.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Granted I didn't get on here first thing new years since we were driving back home. But its still the first week. :) We had a very good visit at home in Texas. Got to see my family and some of my friends. Wish we had a little more time, its like we didn't have enough time to do everything. Esp. my mom and I, there was so much we wanted to create together but just ran out of time. I've been a very creative mood lately and just wanted to make things but I forgot my PVA glue back in Texas and what I have left will barely make a box or a journal so Ill just have to wait for it.
I've been reading up on a lot other blogs esp a blog called How About Orange. I just have to say I love her blog, she's a Graphic Designer. :) I've found out that a lot of Graphic Designers have blogs.
I got a cookbook for Christmas from my good friend Elaine :) and I am super excited to start cooking from it. I've been wanting a cookbook to cook through.
Class starts back up on Monday, I'm so excited to start digital illustration because I know nothing about illustrator and I really really want to learn how to use it.
I just have to say that Christmas was super great! :)
I miss Texas but I don't miss the allergies that I get while I'm there. My eczema flared up right at the tail end of our visit and got worse on the drive home. We drove through -11 degree weather in New Mexico so my skin definitely had something to say about that and it was pretty much in the 20's most of the drive after we got out of Texas.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Been sick

I've been sick for a little over a week now. Not fun, and it comes in waves, during the day I'll feel fine but at night my body aches and I feel heavy, or my stomach hurts or something random. Definetly not my favorite. Just finished up week 10 of school. This last week is going to be hectic, I have tons to get done, so I'm not going to take a lot of time on this post.
We might be getting another roommate, which I think is exciting. I like having people over and stuff. I'm trying to sell stuff we don't use around the house so then Chris and I can have some spending money for christmas. But its going slow since I am going crazy for school. Hopefully Ill be able to do some sewing so I can post it on etsy, but we will see how that goes.
So for my Image Manipulation final project I'm making a tattoo magazine cover with two spreads in it. I only have one spread left and then I have to write a paper explaining How I created it (woo..) lol I'm not good at writing papers. For Form & Space I'm creating a journal, a box for that journal to go in and a portfolio, & they all have to match. I decided to go with a Texas theme, lol, my classmates thought it was a good idea and liked it the most. I started it already and was prepared to just do the binding this weekend, but I ran into some issues. Hopefully itll turn out how I plan. For Typography I'm creating my own Typeface. I don't think mine is all that creative like with how some people made theirs all crazy, mines just pretty and curvy lol. And last but not least for my Electric Layout class I am making a brochure on Yamaha instruments. That one is going alright, I ran into an issue with InDesign CS5 files not working on the CS4 version, and of course didn't know this until I got to class last night. I threw something together so that I could turn something in. But now I know, freaking sucks tho.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving went really well over here at our apartment. Daniel came over and hung out and grice and brandon came over too. I made green bean casserole from scratch using Elton's (from good eats) recipe, stuffing (out of the box lol), cherry pie, and apple caramel cheesecake. Chris fried the Turkey and made the potatoes and gravy. It was a really good meal and time consuming lol. We injected the turkey with a cajun seasoning chris put together. My cherry pie was the first pie I have ever made and it turned out really well and pretty :P. I made a big one and a little one, which the little one isn't as pretty cuz it was last minute but its still cute cuz its small lol. I didn't take a picture of my cheesecake but it tastes pretty good too. Now I'm cracking down on getting my gifts made for Christmas and finishing this quarter up. I only have about 3 weeks left. Which is crazy. But I'm excited. My top wisdom teeth are coming is so now food keeps getting stuck behind them. Ive been pretty much been going to school. Trying to make some money here and there.
I'm going to finish my slice of yummy cheesecake :) have a good one.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mid-terms this week

I have to say that I did pretty well in my Image manipulation midterm, I made a book cover for Paramore :)It looks pretty cool. My midterm project for my form and space class was to make a kinetic mobile. It turned out alright, it's not as nice as I wanted it to be, but it got the job done. Ill try and make a better one later when I have more time to get it done. I started making make-up bags. The first one that I made, was like a test run and I turned out cute. At least I think so. And then I made another one later out of fabric that I was going to use for something else a few years back ( I don't even remember what it was that I was going to make out of it.) I think its pretty cute. I'll most likely make something this week. Its crazy that I'm already halfway through my second quarter. I've learned so much in so little time lol.
Chris is home, and its really nice. We went on a mini date last night which was fun. I'm just so glad he's home. Speaking of last night. Isn't it like a rule that if your front light is off that means don't come to our house? Its like an unspoken universal rule of Halloween lol. I didn't buy candy for the children. But they came anyways! Our light was off the whole time. So we took all the neglected candy that was in our candy drawer and gave it to them lol. When we left to go eat we left maybe the 10 pieces that we had left in a box and left it out on the front porch. and it was all gone by the time we came back :) We gave out trident layers lol cuz that's all we had at the end. It's so weird that I was the one who had to get up early this morning and leave Chris to sleep lol, usually its the opposite or both of us are getting up.
We are starting the pop up section of form and space. Bye :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

what a burger

I'm crazy craving what-a-burger and its driving me crazy! There aren't any here in cali, which means I'm going to have to get some for christmas lol. What-a-burger, I miss you.
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